About project

Based on common geomorphologic origin and hydrological network, sharing common habitats, flora and fauna populations, two important protected nature territories lie on both sides of the Latvian-Belarusian border.

Project will result with establishment of cross-border protected nature territory between Latvia and Belarus mainly within borders of exisiting protected nature territories – protected lanscape area „Augšdaugava” in Latvia and National park „Braslavskije ozjora” in Belarus.
In order to promote conservation of biodiversity and sustainable development of bordering region, inventories of species and habitats will be carried out in both territories, separate management plans and common harmonized management plan will be worked out as well as work plan for joint activities will be developed.

Part of project activities are focused on promoting of recognition and visibility of cross-border protected territories, especially in virtual environment, offering virtual nature expositions in Nature information centres of Daugavpils county and Braslav.