The first results from expeditions
The nature experts have started their investigations in protected landscape territory „Augšdaugava”.
Most exciting information are collected about birds – the ornithologist Gaidis Grandāns told that there are 16 species of specially protected birds (EU importance or protected in Latvia) indicated during first expeditions in March and April.  The most interesting finding is the previously unknown nest of osprey in forest near Šilovka Lake. The microreserve will be established here in order to protect the habitat for osprey nesting. There are other interesting findings of rare birds – white-backed woodpecker (13 sites), stock dove (4 sites), middle-spotted woodpecker (7 sites), Eurasian pygmy owl (6 sites), whooper swan (1 site), and black stork (1 site). Thanks to volunteers - Andris Erts, Uldis Ļoļāns, and Vitālijs Ignatjevs for help in bird recording!
The botanist and habitat expert Pēteris Evarts-Bunders found new  areas of protected habitats – ravine forests near small tributaries of Daugava River. The new findings of hairy sedge (Carex pilosa) and perennial honesty (Lunaria rediviva) as well as pasqueflower (Pulsatilla patens ) are registred.