Expedition of Belarusian scientists in Augšdaugava
Scientists from Belarus  - ornithologist Dmitriy Zhuravlev and tourism expert Jelena Shushkova visited protected landscape area „Augšdaugava” on 7th of August. They were interested in nature and culture valures  as well as in tourism proposal in the area. Project assistant Jolanta Bāra and ornithologist Andris Erts from Daugavpils also participated in expedition. The most interesting bird findings are new site for three-toed woodpecker near the borderline with Belarus as well as possibility to follow the flight of osprey on the lake Shilovka.
The participants of expedition visited horse-ranch „Klajumi” and their nature trail „Mosquito path”, the Priedaine watching tower, Adamova nature trail through ravine forests, Slutišķi old-believers village and Hill of Songs, as well as model of Dinaburga castle.
The added value to beautiful sights was discussions on protected bird species in both countries, and opportunities of joint trans-border tourism proposal.