Expedition of Belarusian scientists in Augšdaugava
Ornithology and tourism specialists from Belarus visited Augšdaugava within the framework of Nature management plan development.
The first results from expeditions
The nature experts have started their investigations in protected landscape territory „Augšdaugava”.
Action Management Group meeting
Action Management Group meeting took place in Daugavpils, April 3-4
Development of nature management plan for Latvia-Belarus cross-border specially protected nature territory is started
The team of nature conservation specialists and nature experts from both countries met in Daugavpils to develop the methodology for harmonised nature management plan of trans-border specially protected nature territory „Augšdaugava-Braslav lakes"
Establishment of cross-border Specially Protected nature territory: First meeting in Belarus
The first meeting of Project "Cross-border Nature" (LLB-2-258) was held in Braslav, territory of national park „Braslavskije ozjora” („Braslav lakes”), Belarus, at 4th and 5th of November, 2013.